Finally Friday!

Crazy week here at the Newell house!  Schooling has been sporadic at best!  Quick illness, party planning for Sammie's 3rd birthday and a lot of rain this week has kept us inside 8(     Looking forward to the party tomorrow (Woodland Fairy Party)!  

Taking advantage of having my mother here for the weekend for Sammie's birthday so hubby and I are going to the winery for a date day!  So needing this!

Hope your weekend is blessed!


La Donna said…
I understand the rain thing. This week it's been cloudy, cold and rainy here too. Kind of a bummer, but we've tried to make the most of it.

Love you and have fun with the planning.
Anonymous said…
Looking good!!! Can't wait to see the party :-)
Mary said…
Can't wait to see pictures!

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