Little Librarians and Summer Reading Programs

For Christmas the girls both received these adorable Little Librarian Kits from their Aunt Gina and her boyfriend (who happens to be a librarian at an all boys school in Michigan).  At first I will admit I was puzzled about the gift..what will they do with these?  Are they too young for them?  However, after they opened them, I will tell you, we "play" library at LEAST 1 time per week. named Little Librarian as one of the 15 best toys for a child in first grade in the 
Holiday Gift Guide 2011.

Disney Family Fun Magazine selected Little Librarian as a finalist for the Toy of the Year Award 2010.

Creative Child Magazine awarded Little Librarian a Seal of Excellence Award 2011.

The kit contains: 7 File Folders, 15 Book Pockets, 15 Book Cards, 4 Library Cards (you can personalize these),
4 Reading awards, 2 Bookmarks, 6 Overdue Slips and 1 Reading Journal

All you need to do is supply the BOOKS!

I love that it all fits back into the sturdy box with a handle!
It's also made it in the USA!

So many fun things to do with this kit over the Summer months when schooling is more relaxed!
  • Kids can play library together
  • Set up a library in your home for Summer Book sign out
  • Ask friends to come over and play
  • Have each member of the family become members of their library and sign out books

I can see this going on so many SUMMER BUCKET LISTS!

The price on these kits is $ 19.99

You can purchase HERE!

Be watching for a giveaway in the Fall, just in time for the holidays!


I have been posting about Summer Reading Programs your children can
get involved in - check out our FB page to see all the links!

Read to and with your children and be blessed!


Anonymous said…
What a neat gift! Sounds like they have been having a lot of fun with it!
Diane said…
I love little kits that have everything you need tucked inside. And I LOVE LIBRARIES!!! What better thing than to have a library right in your own home. And run by your children!!!

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