Pictures can be deceiving

It was ONE OF THOSE DAYS (morning anyway) here at The Joys of Home Educating..ya know the ones, where you want to send all the kids off to school and say heck with this all!  Yes this picture they appear to be playing nicely together (or at least next to each other).  HA!  Pictures can be deceiving.  Just a few moments before they were fighting and yelling at each head was pounding!  

 Yes, even homeschooling parents are not ALWAYS all "go homeschooling" 24/7....LOL

The day got much better once we left the house....

Tree House

We are so blessed to live in The BEAUTIFUL Hudson Valley area of NY State. Only 60 miles North of NYC!  This lake happens to be only a few miles from our home and wouldn't you know we have NEVER been picnicking or exploring here ever!

A dragonfly landed on his hat and stayed a while!

Some other homeschooling friends met us for lunch and a hike!  Looking for frogs today!

Let's break for a moment while we roll down the hill!

EYE SPY a Dragonfly!  Talked about camouflage today!

Bubbles and yet more rolling....

Well no frogs were to be found...but when the last bubble got away from was time to go.....

Once again our weekend is filled with fun times!  Tomorrow, we will at our Friday morning Summer Bowling fun!  Yet another Tball game and then Saturday, Molly's Long Awaited Ballet Recital!  (of course a little celebration will be had!)

Hope your weekend is great and BE BLESSED!


Rebecca said…
I love your bubble pictures....and yes, it's important to get away!
Mary Prather said…
I know EXACTLY how the fighting and bickering goes. We had a lot of that this week, but when we got out of dodge today and went to "The Scoop on Poop" all of the discord melted away!!!

Have a great weekend, Melissa -- wish I could go bowling with you, my friend!
Anonymous said…
You are such an awesome mom! I would have probably sent my kids to their room for the day... Or wait, maybe I did. LOL.
La Donna said…
It is amazing what a good dose of time away from the home front can do for the soul.

We've had those moments many times. Unfortunately, our opportunity to get out of the house comes to a halt about mid- June. It just gets way too hot there.

So glad we're getting to have some exploring time here in Sunny California.
Anonymous said…
oh photos can be so deceiving! What a beautiful place to picnic!!

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