Placemat Schooling

I am always looking for more/new/unusual ways to educate the kids (when they don't realize they are even being educated).  One idea I had about a year ago was to buy placemats that had some sort of learning theme to them.  It has made a HUGE difference in the way they learn.  For the month of May, Zachary and Molly both had mats that had maps of the USA with all states and their capitals labeled.  Every meal Zachary would quiz Molly on something on the mat.  In a month Zachary knew every single state capital and where most of the states were located on the map. (Stack the States for IPAD helped with that also)   

Some of my favorite brands are these Write-A-Mat by Melissa & Doug.  They are produced in such a way where the kids can use the Crayola Dry Erase Crayons 
on them.  Usually on the back side there are activities to do which pertain
the other side.  June's placemat theme for Zachary is US Presidents. 

Molly has a time telling one...

Sammie is starting her number recognition. 

What we read today...

Picture taken before we got his hair all cut off today!

I informed the children, that after speaking with the Principal (moi), that we would be taking Friday's off of schoolwork for the Summer months. Starting this Friday, June 1st and running thru Labor Day.  We will still participate in the Kids Bowl Free Program on Friday's and reading is still on the schedule, but other than that, I wanted to keep Friday's open for field trips and playdates.

Hope your week is full of adventure!

Be Blessed!

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