Summer Bucket List

Been working on our Summer Bucket List!  Here is what we have so far....

Go to the park!
Hikes/ geocaching
Clean fridge

Make homemade popsicles

Go to drive-in
Have picnic
Make a slingshot
Paint with Pudding
Bike Wash Party
Go Camping
Movie Night Weekends
Family Walks
Play Baseball
 Game Night
Snow Cones
Water Balloon Fight
Make Treats
Car Wash
Write Letters
Make a Fort
See Fireworks
Make homemade Sidewalk Chalk
Go see Baseball Game
Four Wheelers
Roast Marshmallows
Dinosaur Dig
Rock Pets
Hand Print Animals
Roller Skating
Plant Herbs
Eat outside at night
Buy Telescope
Go to Disney
Nerf Party
Community Service

Big Time Rush Concert
The Fresh Beat Band Concert

Whatcha got on yours?


Jamie said…
WOW,what a list but that doesnt seem to BIG for you anyways!!!!lol
I think I need a list for get ready for baby arrival.So much to do and so little of time.

Your list looks like a lot of fun.My Zachary painted rocks that look like different dogs he liked it and they are cute espcially the DALMATION.
melismama said…
Yes momma, keeping it simple and manageable! parties to plan too!

How are you holding up? I would love nothing better than to throw you a shower...wish we lived closer 8( hmm....maybe something fun thru the mail would be in order for my Meadow Creek friend! 8)
Dawn said…
I just posted mine as well. I love the stargazing on your list. I may need to add that one.
CML72 said…
We have started ours! Start summer bowling next week, also going to the aquarium next week, have 1 vacation planned at the beginning of Juneand tickets to a Rockland Boulders Game purchased for Father's Day.

We have done Marshmallows outside in the fire pit already, and I picked up the smores supplies for this weekend.
Caroline said…
Bucket list: Bronx zoo, natural history museum, Renagades baseball, fireworks, swimming, bike ridding, Popsicle making, teaching my children to sew on the machine, gardening fresh veg and fruit, cooking lessons for kids,farmers market, library, fun in the sun, study 4 different religions ( this is an on going project so far, Buddhism and Judaism), I could keep going but I have to go blog.....
Lindsay said…
What a great bucket list!! I need to work on mine soon! You have some great things on your list!

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