Wild Crazy Weekend

One thing I love about homeschooling (and there are 100's) is that our children don't get sick as often as children who are in public schools.  I heard that this stomach bug was going around the schools quickly and I felt bad for all the kids (and parents) I heard getting it.  I guess the stomach bug does not discriminate because it hit us on Friday night and hit us hard!  

As you know on Saturday we were hosting the Woodland Fairy Party (see blog post for all the detials and pics HERE) and on Saturday, early a.m., our oldest, Zachary, came in projectile vomiting everywhere...yuk and more yuk.  This did not let up (every 20 mins) from 12:30 am - 6:30 am..needless to say we were all exhausted and I had a party to host in a few hours.  Set up needed to be done. The party, which was going to be partially inside and partially outside, was now being replanned (plan D) to totally outside (rain or shine) and my son needed me.  You all know what it's like to be pulled in 3 directions at once.

I put my "big girl panties on" and sucked it up! (isn't that what all us moms do in times of crisis) Party went off without a hitch! Once the party was over and clean up began, I started to feel (physically) the pressure of the day. By bedtime, I was not feeling well (and hubby and I were suppose to have a date day on Sunday).  Yup you guessed it, the bug had found ME!  My son was good as new by Sunday morning and I had hit a brick wall.   Hubby did a great job keeping it all together for the day as I never got out of my PJ's and nursed a fever for a good part of the day.  Good news, as with Zachary, the bug only last about 24 hours because this morning, as I type, I feel fine!  Little empty in the stomach, but no fever!  

Now, waiting for the other two to get sick 8(  as this bug finds it way elsewhere in the home.  Lysol is a my best friend today!   We will not overdue it with school this week.  Expecting more rain this week, which means, they will be bouncing off the wall from lack of exercise by weeks end 8(  

Next week the hubby and I are going away for a night without children (mid week) so there is that to look forward to!  Pray the bug has left the building by then!  

Hope you all have a great week and Be Blessed!


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