Learning Moments - while on vacation

Over the Father's Day weekend we hit the open road and drove 3 hours to our camping destination in Cooperstown, NY (Jellystone park).  While we were disappointed with the camping facility (that's for another post) - we did have a great time with our BFF's and a few excursion trips!  

I love how the kids don't even realize they are learning, while on vacation!

Teach a boy to fish....feed him for life!

Learned how to pop popcorn over the open fire - the old fashion way! 

Learned about how this dragonfly sucked the entire bug (to his left) clean out!  Just
the shell left.

Hubby taught Zachary how to play chess (IPAD Style)

We took a trip to a local Cider Mill - learned a TON!

National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum 

You can't turn a corner without learning something here - 

Hubby and I want to go back without the kiddies someday to really read
everything!  So much to offer!

We are off of school today as we came home 1 day early from camping
Seems Sammie has an eye infection 8(

Back to learning tomorrow!

Be Blessed


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