New Summer Schooling

Here at The Joys of Home Educating we home educate year round, never really taking long breaks. Which works great for US.  This Summer I decided to try something different.  I posted the other day about taking Friday's off in the Summer (June - Sept) with only reading and our Summer Bowling Program on the schedule for Fridays. I love that this leaves room for playdates, camping etc....    

Today I made up a subject schedule for Molly and Zachary to follow.  Typically we cover 3 - 4 subjects per day. Summer months - only 1 subject plus reading (that is necessary in our home every day!)  Kids are so happy. I even gave them an IPAD Schedule and incorporated that into their subjects.   Here is what our Summer will look like:

Monday - Social Studies 
 (June's topic is US Presidents)
Tuesday - Writing
Wednesday - Math
Thursday - Science

Almost every day we are able to get outside for some Phys Ed plus our bowling helps with that!   Some days I will throw in a Scholastic Newsletter or something "fun" to do.  Crafts (for the girls) almost every day.  Molly is still writing her books  - on book 3 now!  GO MOLLY!    LEGOS almost every day for us all!  Then playdates, camping and exploring!  Going to Crayola Factory this month!  Camping - Father's Day Weekend and of course, the Bronx Zoo (one of our favorite places!)

Hung up our C-Span American Presidents Timeline. This is a HUGE
hit with the kids and the adults. We are learning so much!
THIS WAS FREE over at C-Span Classroom - they have so many

Summer Safety - Scholastic!

Don't bother me MOM! LOL

What type of schedule do you keep in the Summer Months for schooling?

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Lindsay said…
Sounds the perfect bit of structure to make the summer months fun!
Rebecca said…
I love your schedule. We are only doing one page of math and reading for thirty minutes right now...I'm working on some projects and the kids are enjoying some free play time and time with friends...but, we'll be back at it soon enough!
Lisa said…
Every year, I intend to keep up with school over the summer and every year, I fail at following through. I really am going to stick with it this summer. My plan was to do just 2 days a week and only do math & language arts with a little bit of science sprinkled in. But I really love your summer schedule of one subject each day, along with reading. It's just enough to provide some structure.

My question is, do you have neighborhood kids waiting for your kiddos to come out an play? That's a big issue around here, and a big reason why I have never followed through with summer school. Any advice or words of wisdom are welcome! :)

melismama said…
We are a "structure" family...if we don't follow thru things fall apart and it makes for a very LONG and HARD day! 8)

Lisa - we live in a country setting where the closest neighbor with children our kids' ages is a walk and 1/2. We do have playdates a lot at our home and the kids do get invited to playdates elsewhere, but our studies come first and they know no other way, so it works. We are also a busy "sports" family right now with two of them in baseball and that takes up a lot of time. Soon camping season starts for us and we LOVE to camp.

REMEMBER Kids are only KIDS once. I say let 'em play! 8)
Mary Prather said…
Melissa ~ we are relaxed, but still doing a little of this and that just like you. Reading of course and I'm trying to throw in some fun activities. The kids take swim lessons all summer long 2x/week and we go to a week long music camp.

I'm researching the camping with you and Z -- talked to Hal last night and he said he wouldn't mind it if I was with you... ;-)
melismama said…
Mary - swim lessons - oh I wish we had the opportunity here.

That is great that Hal might be open to you camping with us!

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