Thankful Thursday

Been UBER busy here at The Joys of Home Educating....parties, school, camping oh my.....finally taking time to breath, breath it all in....sit in some silence and listen to myself, listen to God speak to me. I have not been listening...hearing yes, but listening, no.

Little teaser pic from our "One Smart Cookie" party yesterday
be watching for a post next week on the Party Blog!

When I really stop, stop it all, I realize how THANKFUL I am for all I have been given.  Take NO days for granted, no food, no water, no relationships.  As my relationships with other women come and go, grow and disappear, I struggle to find the few GOOD, TRUE BLUE, would do anything for you friend.  I had these girlfriends back "home" in upstate NY.  I find it hard to get close to women where we live now (Southern NY). Maybe because they are all so busy?  Maybe because they don't' "let me in"?  Maybe I set my expectations too high?  Either way I am thankful for the relationships I do have and pray that a few of them grow into a deeper friendship.

So what I am thankful for, right now, today as I sit here:

My husband
My faith
Our financial security
My health

Whatcha thankful for today?

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