EZ CRAFT - Make Your Own Olympic Ring Poster

In studying the history of the Olympics this week one of the fun crafts we did was to make this big Olympic Ring poster to display in our school room.  

It was EZ and FUN!

What you need: (we got all supplies at the Dollar Tree)

1 poster board (we used a piece of foam core board)
Paper (we used crepe paper) in all the "ring" colors
Glue stick
2 size bowls to draw the rings

What I did 1st was to draw the 5 rings on the board
Then we put glue around the ring a little at a time
Tearing the crepe paper up in tiny pieces and pressing it into the glue...
Continued this all the way around...

There you go...my 5 year old had fun helping but
 I know that had my 3 yr old
been awake she would have been just as helpful!

What we read today!  Cute cute book!

Molly working on her Olympic Lapbook - LOVE her fire - creative with the different colors.

More lapbook fun - Olympic puzzle from Homeschool Journeys

We are done with school this week as far as bookwork goes...tomorrow we are taping
the opening ceremonies to watch on Monday!

Zachary's birthday party is this Saturday so I am finishing up the details for that....

Have a wonderful weekend and Be Blessed!


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