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Being a saver of books, magazines and anything educational -  I dug deep into my archives and found these great Sesame Street Magazines from years ago - for my preschooler!  Coupled with some other Sesame Street learning - it's making a fun way to learn for Sammie!  

BONUS:  It's Jim Henson's Birthday celebration this month!

  I smell A party! LOL

Tomorrow is our annual Back to School Chuck E Cheese visit!

Pizza, games and fun for the kids!

Until tomorrow - Be Blessed!


Mommarazzi said…
Jim Henson party?! Awesome!
Honest Mommy said…
I don't know if Max would like Sesame Street stuff... but we bought him white board books for his letter and numbers and he asks to do it EVERY day!! And Franny wants to color on it while he's 'doing his work'.. love the magazines you found though:) I always loved them!!
Lynda said…
We had a bunch of these, but I was happy to pass them on to another HS mom. I love your new blog header, and really appreciate you linking up at NOBH. Have a wonderful school year!

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