Owl Craft - Easy for the kids

Whoo  Whoo....how are you today?  Crafting is so much fun with the little ones. Especially if it's an Easy Craft like these Toilet Paper Roll Owls that we made!

One of the subjects I find myself lacking in lately is our Crafting.  With the holdiays approaching I should find it easy to think of crafts.  This week I turned to my Family Fun magazine and found this cute craft.  Using a paper towel roll for the body/ears and cupcake liners for the feathers - the girls had them put together in no time!

Items needed:

6 paper cupcake liners
1 toilet paper roll
white paper for eyes
Small piece of orange paper for beak

Step 1:  We liked our Owls short and fat so we cut about an inch off the original roll.  Fold in the top of the toilet paper roll so it makes your Owl ears (see pic one at top)

Step 2:  Cut 4 of the cupcake liners into quarters
(save the remaining two of them WHOLE for the wings)

Step 3: Cut off the rounded, middle part of the quartered liners so that you only have the accordion part of the liner left 
(for layering of the body)

Step 4: Begin at the bottom of the toilet paper roll and glue the cut liners onto the front, layering them. (making three layers all together)

Step 5: Cut out your two circles for eyes, using marker to make the eye balls.  Glue onto the top of the roll. Cut out beak and glue on between eyes. 

Step 6: Fold the remaining two liners in 1/2 and glue to the back
of the toilet paper roll.  These are the wings. 

Let dry!

What are some of your go to crafts for the "season"?


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