Playing Catch Up

Been busy with preps for Halloween, Hurricane Sandy and our BFFs coming to visit next weekend!

School has been great this week. Getting into our Halloween fun activities!  

Turkey's are a little early LOL  They are running around everywhere these days along with the deer!

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This will we will be tested once again at the time as last year. Although this year I will be home to help. Last year I was at Relevant (aka Allume) and did not get home until the roads were clear. At least it's not 4 feet of snow.  Although flooding might be bad. So we are continuing to pray for all those who will be in the path of Sandy!  

Catch ya all on the flip side!

Be Blessed!


Mary Prather said…
Praying for you my friend!
Tina said…
Glad you will all be home together this year and I'm sure your Halloween party will go on no matter what the weather! Can't wait to see you guys - hoping we won't need to swim there!

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