Potpourri of Fall Fun

It's been a quick week so far....weather is finally nice today 8)

Wednesdays we go over to a friend's house and she teaches the girls along with her daughter and another friend.  It frees me up to sit with Zachary and help out my friend's littlest guy - 
who just turned 2!

The girls all discussed BATS today.  How fun she even had a snack in the shape of a bat for them!

She turned one of her upstairs bedrooms into a School Room for homeschooling...

We celebrated little Maks' birthday

Sammie has been having fun with the modeling clay.

What we read out loud this week (one of many..)

Getting back into our Scholastic Readers!  Kids love these!

Throw in some gym classes, ballet classes, soccer practice and the week is full!

Hope you are having a great Autumn!  The weather could not be better right now...cool crisp nights....light coat during the day!

Be blessed!


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