Thumbs up for Legoland Florida!

We are back from vacation -
(well at least they all had a vacation - how is it a vacation when I am still food shopping, doing dishes, making beds, washing clothes...LOL)

 FACT:  Our children are not HUGE Disney Fans
FACT: I think they are 1/2 fish 1/2 human
FACT: LEGOLAND was worth every penny
FACT: Vacations CAN be educational and FUN!

We were "guests" of my oldest son and his Fiance' on this vacation. They traded their St Thomas week of their timeshare for an Orlando week so we could all go!  It was HOT (by my standards) but the kids swam the entire time! (Pictured here are all 4 of my children)!

The resort was BY FAR the nicest family place we have ever stayed in. SO Many options for kids and families including a bonfire pit, b'ball courts, ping pong, 18 hole golf course, 2 pools, 2 hot tubs, restaurant and so much more....

(you dont have to own a timeshare to rent there)

EPCOT  - kids gave it a thumbs down 8(
LEGOLAND - 100 thumbs UP!

All in all kids had a great time...adults did also...just need a vacation from my vacation!

we are up and running on a full time school schedule now...sharing a lot with you this week!

Enjoy your day and BE BLESSED!


Anonymous said…
I am so glad you guys had fun!! I love that last picture of all of your kids :-)
Dawn said…
We stayed at that same place when we went to disney. They liked the pool more than disney, too.
Blessings, Dawn
La Donna said…
That's why we opted for Lego Land over Disneyland while in Cali. I think Disney is way overrated. Glad to see ALL of your kids together. And fiance? When did that happen. :)

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