Time to Stop and Smell the Roses - Putting the brakes on!

What does that phrase mean to you? 

 For me and my family - we are slowing down in a big way!

Events, invites, parties etc have already started filling up our calendar from now until after New Years. The hubby and I made a decision that we will are keeping our weekends OPEN for family.  OUR Family. We NEED to have a few days  for just us.  Saying that, I am sorry to my friends who have invited us to parties, events etc and I have declined.

Please KNOW it's not you, it's our family decision.

 WE need to slow down and spend more family time together and less time away from each other.   Our weekdays are filled with school activities, sports and other things.  Our children are growing up so fast and time does not stop....Our WEEKENDS -  we are reclaiming.  Obviously church is a priority and that takes up each Sunday morning in it's entirety

SO if you invite me or any of us to an event on the Weekend our YES' will be few and far between.  I am confident that you will understand and know that you can totally relate.
 (especially during the holiday months)

We wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season!

Be Blessed!


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