What we will be reading and sharing....

When my husband brought down our very heavy box of seasonal books over the weekend, the children wanted to open the box minute one!  It was time to put away our Fall/Autumn books and get out our Winter and Christmas Books (I don't leave these special books "out" year round - I think it makes them more special to bring them out for the Winter months) 

Today, I finally opened the box and excitement filled the playroom.  I loved listening to them talk about what they remember from these books from last year.   We have enough to last us for almost 2 months reading one a day -  8)  Plus our library will help fill in the gaps.  

Here are some of MY Favorites!

If you are looking for more book ideas for the season, be sure to check out my friend Rebecca's Blog - Mom's Mustard Seeds!

I hope you will check back with us in December when we review some of our favorites and where you can buy them!

Until next time - be blessed!

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What a great idea! I bet it feels like an early Christmas too!! I hope your kids are feeling better...I was just thinking I haven't seen you around much, but it looks like I've missed a post anyways! ;)
melismama said…
Hi Carla - yes we have had our share of illness in the house for the last few months 8( we are on the upswing though. Thanks for thinking of me 8)
Dawn said…
We love many of these books. I just put up my list too.
Blessings, Dawn
JDaniel4's Mom said…
What a wonderful collection! I would have been excited to go through the books too.

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