Christmas Eve in Argentina

It's Thursday which means in our Homeschool we are getting ready for "la Navidad" (Christmas).  

I know it's not technically December 24th and 25th, however, we are coming to an end of our week long learning about Christmas in Argentina, SO that means we need to Celebrate Christmas.

 We prepared, as many Christian Families do, who live in the Northern area in Argentina (where it's Summer weather) by decorating a tree with cotton balls. (aka snow) Also making red and green decorations (wreaths).  

We then baked our "pan dulce" sweet bread . (aka cupcakes for us)   You won't be hearing any "Polvora" (fireworks) but the children will receive a little present in the morning from "Papa Noels".  

 The girls set up the "pesebre" (Nativity).     

In addition to preparing for tomorrow's celebration - we were able to sneak in some Scholastic....

A word game (which Zachary LOVES)

And some Christmas activities! 

Excited to have a little celebration addition to a playdate at a friends house....our town's tree lighting...and a fun night at Church were we will be caroling over at the Nursing Home... 8)   

Until tomorrow.... Be Blessed!

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