It's Día de navidad here!

Today is Christmas Day (Día de navidad) in our Christmas around the world studies and we are in Mexico!  If you missed Christmas Eve you can see what we did HERE

We started by placing The Baby Jesus in the manger. Now we can celebrate his birth!

Each child received a gift (I hid them in the Poinsettia plant)

They love Smencils! 

We watched some Teacher Tube - learning all about the Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Mexico and how they celebrate.

Even had the Mexicana Music on - Silent Night was playing!

Time for Pinata breaking!   

I had the kids complete some fun activities..

Ugly Sweater Contest

We had a fun snack and listened to more Music in Spanish!  

Hope you have enjoyed our Mexico trip and will join us next week for 

Christmas in China!

Have a wonderful weekend and be blessed!


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