What's in store for December....Fun Fun Fun!

This year I am changing things up a bit.  We are traveling to Four different countries for the Month of December and finding how others celebrate the Christmas Holiday.    You can find a great program over at Living Life Intentionally for celebrating Christmas Around the World.  We are using a portion of this great program in conjunction with our Little Passports. Typically we will learn about 1 country per month with Little Passports but since I have so many country packs already I am incorporating these two programs together!

I have picked the following countries to explore:


In addition we found a great Winter Bucket List over at Education.com already filled up for us!  We will be using this until the beginning of April. Hope to get it all checked off!

I am working on several parties for the kids. We will be hosting our Annual Children's Book Exchange Party as we do each year. Here is a peek from last year's party! This year's theme is "A Charlie Brown Christmas" !

Looking forward to a lot of family time...parties....and crafting! 

I invite you to check back each week for exciting happenings as we travel to other countries (virtually) and celebrate Christmas all month!

Be Blessed!

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Mary said…
Thanks for the link to the Winter Bucket List- I love it!
The Adventurer said…
As always you are so busy:) We are studying Argentina this month as well. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

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