Baby it's cold Antarctica!

Continuing with our Winter studies - today's topic was Antarctica!  The coldest place on Earth!  At times getting to -125 F    Now I love the cold and snow, but that is just too cold for even me!  In fact it does not even snow very much - too cold for that and very dry.    Very few forms of life live at the Southern most tip of our planet. 

With the map in front of us we had a look at what life would be like in Antarctica - kids voted, not selling the house anytime soon 8)

We did have Royalty here today also 8) (another reason I love homeschooling)

What we read...

For Science this month we are working on the Human Body - specifically this week - CELLS. 

We all watched an episode of The Magic School Bus - Cells
(bought entire 52 episode pack on Black Friday on line  - LOVING IT)

Girl time on the school computers (blessed to have two laptops for the kids to use)

Until tomorrow...Be Blessed!

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