Collage Friday - busy week

Homegrown Learners

It's been a long week - but a FUN one!

Martin Luther King Jr.s' Birthday was January 15th so we started our teachings on that day.  Our Scholastic magazines along with books and other worksheets really had us thrown right into it all.  The children learned all about Dr. King, his dream and what he did for our country, but really unsure if they truly understand segregation 100%

Oh the fun we are having with Penguins. Besides visiting them at the Bronx Zoo last week...we continued learning about them.  Astonishing that the Daddy Emperor Penguin sits on the egg for 2 months only eating SNOW and keep the egg warm until it hatches.  Now that's daddy commitment. !

We also received more snow this week!  HUZZAH!  They all helped with household chores (mommy's back is hurting a little) and Sammie is really loving learning how to write her letters. 

Next week we will wrap up our Penguin Unit with a fun game of Jeopardy ..Finish up Antarctica and continue with the Human Body systems as well as Space. 

It's been a sad few weeks as 6 of my friends have had a parent who have passed on to heaven.  We have helped where we can with meal support and praying for them. 

As I prepare to leave my family in NY and travel to Florida for the BEECH Conference in 2 weeks, I would ask if you find it in your heart to pray for me, my family and the safe travels of all those involved in this conference. 

Won't you join me for Collage Friday and link up over at

Until next week - Be Blessed!


Mary Prather said…
Love that girl with a vacuum! Good job!!

See you soon!
Dawn said…
What grand snow! We were told 100% chance last night, but we got nothing! Boo Hoo. Have a blessed weekend.
Blessings, Dawn
Mary said…
I look forward to hearing all about that retreat you are going on! I will be praying for all of you that will be traveling there and for your families back at home.

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