Penguin Party

January was our fun Penguin Unit along with our Antarctica studies!  We had a lot of fun and LEARNED SO much about them!  We celebrated the end of our unit with a Penguin, a movie, snowball fight and of course, FOOD!

Little Penguin Bowling (thanks to our new Kiwi Crates!)

On to Penguin Jeopardy!  Kids always love this game...

Then we had our snowball fight (with homemade marshmallow shooters and mini marshmallows!)

Movie Time!

Some crafting in order for the afternoon!

 We had a wonderful January with school, skiing and enjoying the Winter! 

Next week - we will doing a variety of Winter activities as I am leaving for the BEECH Retreat on Thursday and need to prepare for that!  

Stop by tomorrow for a great review and giveaway!


Lindsay said…
What a fun way to end a unit!!

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