Tuesday already?

Umm..Monday was a blurr I guess....lol...Hubby had the day off and he took all three children snow skiing.  They are so enjoying the snowy weather and time with their dad!  Of course, instead of spending those 4 hours in bliss by myself...I worked on school lesson plans...LOL...when they got home we ate lunch and started right in on school. It was a big day for our nation and I was not going to skip this teaching moment!

We actually watched the Private swearing in on Sunday at noon on TV - the kids were skiing when the "fun stuff" was happening yesterday.  We were able to learn some from our Scholastic reader magazines.

Girls had fun with this cute game from Teaching Heart

Sidebar: Found these great signs at Dollar Tree - funny how they just jumped into my card 8)

We made Macaroni Penguins out of felt. 

Continuing with our Solar System fun - we watched this episode from The Magic School Bus.

KIDS ALL laughed at this funny book!

And yet another AWESOME Dollar Tree find!
  Do you kids know how to tie?

Last night we had our final meet up from the National Jr. LEGO League group. This is my team!  The LEGO KINGS!  They will present their project next Saturday in front of a panel of judges! They have been meeting 2 times per month since September!
 They are excited!

Of course, I had to celebrate!

Girls also had a great time with their Kiwi Crates!

WOW - that was a lot!   

Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday!  Won't you stop back!

Be Blessed!


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