Collage Friday and a test of Faith

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It's Friday and it's a Good Friday in all sense of the word!  I am happy to be back linking up to my good friend, Mary from Homegrown Learners (don't you just love that name!) 

 We were very busy this week with Easter teachings and other fun activities!  Today we have off!  (kids still fighting this darn head cold with cough 8( )

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, the children performed at church. Molly had the pleasure of performing a ballet to Lord I lift Your Name on High.  All the children sang like songbirds.  You can see Zachary in the brown and white shirt loving Jesus from his heart so much, with his hands in the air!  Makes my heart melt to see how much they love Jesus and church. 

We made birdhouses for our fine feathered friends out of a recycled juice container.  Designer Chevron pattern!

We are suppose to go celebrate the day later at a friends property - 16 acres - kids can be with nature and cook out some dogs on the fire!

We are having great friends over for Easter dinner as well as our moms.  I can't wait to celebrate!

This week was a test, a test of my faith (isn't it tested almost every day...)  I received some news a week ago today, after a biopsy of a spot on my face (that I let go for 2 years without having it looked at), that I have skin cancer.  The word I hoped never to hear again.  It hit me a lot harder than I ever imagined.  Immediately my armor went on and I texted my prayer warriors and it was set in motion.  Yesterday I received the word that the cancer is localized to the spot and surgery will be performed in a few weeks to get it all out!  No other treatment should be needed after that - PRAISE GOD! 

It will be a blessed weekend with family and friends!  Praying the weather holds out and the children can be outside!

I pray your Easter weekend is a blessed one!

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Mary Prather said…
I was so happy to see you linked today -- when I got your text this week I just KNEW everything would be ok. Happy Easter, my friend!
OSOTM said…
Thanks so much for visiting Our Side of the Mountain! I love our bird banner! Look at that son of yours! :grin: Love your daughter's tutu! Cute! How creative on the bird feeder! I bet a bunch of those in different patterns would be pretty cool in a tree. Decorations! (We don't fill feeders now as we found out wild birds carry a bacteria that kills domestic chickens.) So sorry to read about the cancer, but thankfully it seems treatable! Happy Easter! :)
Dawn said…
So glad the cancer can be removed. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Blessings, Dawn
Anonymous said…
Praying for you my friend! So glad you got it looked at and that it can be removed. I have known several people with skin cancer that I now have a yearly appointment with the dermatologist to get my fair moley skin checked.

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