It's been a wonderful time away from daily blogging and most of social media.  As most you might know, I shut down our Joys of Home Educating Facebook page (as well as my personal page) and took a blogging break for a month.  Rediscovering WHY we homeschool and WHAT our family goals are - has been a wake up call.    WHY I blog...blogging with intention and not FOR attention...Blogging because I have something important to add to the homeschooling community.  Getting back to basics is our new family motto!   Thank you for all the nice comments and emails with concern as to what happened, but I can tell you with 100% honesty, LIFE is happening and I was missing it..Missing it because the computer took up my time..idolizing what others thought of my work, my thoughts, my passions.  

Little children, keep yourselves from idols. 
      1 John 5:21

Always growing as a mom, wife, daughter of God and lover of life... 

I have taken this time to be PRESENT with my children....stopping what I am doing in my tracks and LISTENING to them.  Watching them flourish...grow in their walk each day....loving life as I do.  It's been a great time of reflection, prayer and breathing. 

It does bring me happiness to share our Homeschooling life with you all and I will continue to do so.   We have been so busy with traveling, school, LEGO building (Zachary is competing in a competition in Pennsylvania in April!), exploring nature, field trips, church and more...

What's coming up?  

As Spring has come in with some more snow, skiing is still "on the table", Earth Day teachings, more celebrations, school "on the road" (we purchased a travel trailer and have already booked several camping trips!) and more! 

Inquiring minds want to many have asked me "do you miss Facebook?"   
My words "not in the least bit"

I hope you stuck with "me" and will continue to be blessed by The Joys of Home Educating!

It really is a Joy!


Anonymous said…
So glad to see you back! Glad you had a great break to re-group! I have been facebook free for over a year and I LOVE it!!
Jamie said…
I HEAR YOU MAMA M~ so happpppyyyy for your family on the purchase of the travel trailor,that will be awesome and SWEET to have.I wish we would start saving for one as well.
I am thinking so hard about facebook,I really do get sick of things on there and it gets addicting bc you think you need to check it all the time.
Lots of Love sent your way

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