Collage Friday - challenging week

Welcome to the end of the week - it's been a do-z of one!

The week ended last Friday with our Kids Bowl Free program. This year we decided to buy the bowling shoes for the kids instead of 
$ 10.50 a pop to rent each time.  Did the math, worked out!  We met up with some other friend also.  

On Monday I went in for my surgery to remove some cancer from my face.  It's been a challenge to keep up with school, household chores, and taking care of the family. It's only been thru the Grace of God, my prayer warriors (and a few good  friends who helped with meal drop offs) that I have gotten thru the first 5 days.  There are 26 stitches total (inside and surface). It itches all the time and it's not the prettiest thing in the world to look at 8(   On the plus side, they were able to get all the cancer out!  HUZZAH for that!   Stitches come out on Monday and the healing process will continue. Doctor said that the scars will heal and fad over the years.  

I was able to get outside and snap a few pics this week as the weather has been beautiful! 

We had a major issue with our truck this week - the starter went 8(  At least it went in our driveway!  So without a car for a few days, the kids missed their gym classes 8(  

In School, (my mom taught on Monday) Earth Day....planting and more on recycling and reusing!  Next week is a catch up week and tie up lose ends before we march into May!  May brings a 4th birthday for Sammie, Cinco de Mayo gathering, Memorial Day and more!  

We are off tomorrow to a Lego Competition in Pennsylvania for an overnight adventure with another homeschooling friend!  Fingers crossed Zachary and our friend, Christopher, place either 1st, 2nd or 3rd!

Ok gotta run - things are happening int he other room that don't sound very good...until next week - 

Be Blessed and join me at Mary's for Collage Friday!

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Jessy said…
So glad to hear that you are recovering! Hang in there! Let the healing happen! (And how nice that others brought meals!)

We loved Kids Bowl Free, but the nearest alley is like an hour away. Not very convenient. :( So much fun though!
Mary Prather said…
My friend, I am glad this short chapter of your life is OVER and you can get on with things now.

I'm thankful for you -- I wish I could go bowling with you and your fun family !
Steph said…
I just love your photo of the cardinal in the tree. Nice eye! We did the kids bowl free last year. I think its a great program with good value.
Lindsay said…
So glad they got it all! Prayers for quick healing! Can't wait to hear how the boys did in the lego competition! Where did you buy your bowling shoes?
The Adventurer said…
It has been a while since I visit due to the chaos of the move. So glad to hear that the surgery was a success and you are healing. I will add you to my prayer list immediately. Love the picture of the cardinal, I miss them they don't have any in England. Take care

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