Collage Friday - Wrapping it up

We find ourselves at the end of a another school week and beginning of a weekend!  How was your week?  Ours was busy as usual - with gym classes, dr. appts, camping out, two public school visits (say what?) and more...

 Over the Winter we participated in our area's (regional)  FIRST Lego League (you can find out more information HERE).  The "team" (aka Lego Kings) was coached by myself  with mentoring from other parents.  For over 3 months (during the Winter)  the boys came together twice a month to work on their project (given to them by the FIRST LEGO League)! Great experience in team building! They went to an entire day of competition and presented their project to the board. What a fun time!  Fast Forward to this week - we were asked to attend the local public school's board meeting on Monday night to be recognized and awarded a certificate.   It was quick but fun!  The kids are FANATICS when it comes to Lego's. If you ask Zachary (since he was 4) what he wants to "do" when he grows up he will tell you - "I will be designing LEGO sets - so I guess a LEGO Engineer!"

The other visit this week to a public school was another fun one.  Molly was asked by a friend of hers to be her "friend" for the Bring a Friend to Lunch day. She was all dressed up and had her lunchbox with her.  They had a great time!  Funny thing - I ran into about 6 people I knew while I was at the school for 5 minutes...all thought (and asked) - "Are you kids going here now" with shock in their voice.  LOL...(sorry no pic)

For school: we have been having a great time predicting temperatures and finding out how meteorologists predict the weather.  Molly also presented us with an oral presentation on the water cycle. 

Home Life: SPRING HAS SPRUNG.   We finally picked up our new (to us) travel trailer (aka camper) last Sunday!  We have been having a great time cleaning it, stuffing it full of "stuff" and we even had a sleep over in it one night to "test it out"...all good!

Won't you join me over at Homegrown Learners where Mary is hosting her weekly Collage Friday! 

Homegrown Learners

Enjoy the weekend and be blessed!


My girls saw the pictures of your camper on Instagram and fell a little bit in love! I think they would like to see one just like it parked in our driveway! You are going to have such a great summer!

Sorry I forgot to change accounts. This is Jess @ Teachable Moments!
Mary Prather said…
What fun you had this week! I NEED to investigate the First LEGO League, Melissa. Congrats to Z -- please tell him Grant said great job!!!

Camper looks awesome! That could maybe even entice me to go camping, who knows? ;-)
melismama said…
Thanks Jess - we are loving the camper - so far, so good! If only if our driveway..heheehe...Mother's day weekend is our 1st camping trip of the season!

Hi Mary - the FIRST LEGO League was a lot of fun (and work) for all involved. Camper is awesome!

Phyllis said…
What a lovely week...Legos, weather and a really great camper!
OSOTM said…
Niiiice camper! I'm envious! LOL We just traded our little pop-up camper for a trailer to haul our kayaks. The camper needs work to be "road safe" and I just don't have that money, but the exchange works out great for us. I didn't have to buy a trailer for the kayaks! :grin: And we still have a great tent for those rare times we go camping now.
Karen said…
Thank you for visiting my blog! I am so glad you are watching 7 Cool Homeschoolers. The Lego League looks like so much fun and the camper!! DROOL! I am so glad to visit you here and I will be back.
Beautiful tulips! We just got a snowstorm, so no spring weather for us yet! First Lego league does sound really interesting. I bet my boys might enjoy that when they are old enough.
Jonas Smith said…
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Lindsay said…
What a fun week! That lego competition sounded like so much fun! How cool that Molly got to be the bring a friend to lunch day!

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