FETCH - not what you think

One thing we don't do that often is go out to eat, whether as family or even just hubby and myself.  So its a real treat to go find ourselves away from home for a meal.   I love trying new places and staying local. 

This business opened up a while ago and at first I thought it was a dog grooming place...lol...but to my surprise it's a restaurant that has a dog theme. Not only is it fun and cute but it helps the canine community at the same time.  This particular location (in our town) is a 2nd location for the Chef/Owner Adam Powers (check out his "resume" you will be surprised!).  The original location is in NYC - on 3rd Avenue between 92nd and 93rd. 

To read more about their mission I invite you to check HERE and check it all out.

As you can see it's all about the dogs...big ones...little ones....fluffy ones...and curly ones...pictures grace the walls. You can bring your own dog picture in and they will put it up!

The children had the typical chicken fingers, grilled cheese and pasta with butter (boring)...but I tried something unique...Thanksgiving rolls.  It's turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce and all deep fried (not WW friendly 8( )   With a cranberry chutney dipping sauce. It was a piece of art for the pallet indeed. 

Once dinner was completed we went outside to leave a donation for our local Warwick Valley Humane Society   Each child put in a few bucks.  I just love this aspect of the restaurant. 

The two cons of the place...dark..with only candles really lighting up your area and the tables are real close together, which means for a mom who lugs things around (including the camera) there is very little to no room to put things on the floor. Otherwise, all good!  Kids agreed, it's a keeper! (they also want to try the other location in NYC out...smells like a field trip to me!) 

Until next time - Be Blessed and support your local shelters. 


Anonymous said…
How awesome!! Sammy would love this place! Your food sounds super tasty!

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