Gardening and some FREE Resources

It's April and Spring is in full BLOOM here in New York.  The children and I started some seedlings INSIDE last month and are finally able to put them outside!

Having a full blown garden in our yard is not practical (and near impossible).  We have many creatures that would partake in the daily harvest before we would be able to even get to it - hence we have a garden on our upper deck each year. 

Our planting menu includes: Tomatoes  basil, green beans, rosemary, peppers, thyme and a few other herbs and flowers. 

I am still looking forward to our local farmer's market that runs from late June until October for the veggies we eat on a daily basis.

I just love the outdoors (and so do the children) - getting our hands dirty, finding new creatures and the fresh air is sooooo refreshing from the house that has been closed up all Winter. 

Learning about how seeds start and grow....

Spring crafting - using the cut end of the celery stalk. (flower pictures  - think Mother's Day!)

HERE is a link to more Spring and gardening posts from The Joys of Home Educating.

Gardening Resources for your home school: (although these are all for FREE downloads, be sure to stop by these places and leave some love or if you PIN them be sure they link back 8)  )

For the Preschoolers
Homeschool Creations - Preschool Gardening Pack
Spell Out Loud - Garden Fun Projects
Mama Jenn - Printable Seeds Packs
2 Teaching Mommies - Flower Unit

Farm to School - Team Nutrition from the USDA - PDF format - a ton here!

For grades 4th and 5th (or advanced readers in 3rd)
The Secret Garden Unit Study from TeacherLink - this is a great resource!

For the family
How to Grow a Family Garden  - print off from USDA (uses a lot of recycled resources)\
10 Free Resources for Garden DIY (using Upcycled resources) (one of my favorites)
Life Lab - GREAT List of lesson plans and more!
FREE SEEDS from (and more!)

I know that there are 100's more resources out there but this list should get you going!  

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