Planting Unit - fun Spring Teachings!

  This week marks our two week unit on Planting, Seeds and Earth.  We started off early one morning with taking pictures outside of the first signs of Spring.  Our yard is FILLED with sprinkles of creation and God's beauty!

After our nature walk we started the day by reading Genesis - Creation.  After all isn't that were it all started. 

Then we moved into our seeds unit. Using some worksheets from (huge variety of planting worksheets!) we learned about the life cycle of a seed.

(picture of our seedlings we started weeks ago indoors)

Did you happen to catch our Mini Planting Party over at Catch my Party. EZ way to start the planting season!

I can't wait to share more with you all as our plants grow and we can eat the harvest!  

Until next time - Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
What fun! Love the photo hunt for spring!
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