Weather Wednesday

Happy Middle of the week everyone!  We are back with another Weather Wednesday!  Last week we discussed water cycles, wind and more... This week we are discussing clouds and temperature along with predictions.  

Our memorization song this week....

Our experiment this week was for each child to take a thermometer and place it somewhere different. Sammie put hers in the shade outside. While Zachary put his in the sun outside and Molly in the freezer.  We waited 5 minutes (about all they could and while they waited they made predictions as to what their thermometer would "read". 

Outcome of our predictions and temperature experiment:  Molly guessed 37 degrees and her's read 38 degrees.  Right on!  Zachary predicted 70 and his thermometer read 89 WOW!  Sammie (shaded thermometer)  predicted 60 and her's read 70 in the shade.  We all agreed the shade was the place to be today! 

We were all interested to see what the average temperature in our area is usually for April. so we looked it up in our Weather Book. 

Art - Molly - picture of someone in the her clouds!

We are experiencing unseasonably high temperatures this wee (70's) and we are loving it!  

Last night we slept outside in our new travel trailer (camper) and watched a movie!  FUN TIMES!

If you are interested in seeing how much fun Molly's birthday party was last weekend, I invite you to check it out HERE!

Come on back on Friday when we will be linking up to Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday!

Until then  - Be Blessed!


Michelle said…
Sounds like the perfect day!!

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