Collage Friday

WOW Where did this first week of May go?  We have been traveling, busy with outside fun and more...

Last Friday (for an overnight). Zachary and I went to PA to a Home Show - that had a LEGO Competition. Meet up with friends, made new friends and had a great time!

We also hosted the All American BBQ at our church this past weekend. The kids all played, ate hot dogs and some great fellowship was happening! 

Our birds and trees are bursting with SPRING!  We have 5 pair of cardinals in our yard and they are hungry little birdies!  The trees are all in bloom too. Makes me smile!

Also this week, I had my stitches removed (ouch) and working on my lesson plans for May!  We travel this month as our first camping trip with our new travel trailer is a week away!  Mothers Day - getting together with our BFF's and more!  WOW!   In addition - two birthday parties we are hosting this weekend!  Our youngest, Samantha, turns 4!  HUZZAH!

(last year's party was our Woodland party - you can check it out HERE)

How was your week?

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Dawn said…
What a great week. A Lego event always makes things extra fun. Happy Birthday to your little one.
Blessings, Dawn
Phyllis said…
What incredible photos. I absolutely love the one of the barns. What fun and activity this week. My James would have loved the Lego event.
Lara Molettiere said…
I love all the LEGO fun! The woodland party made me wish I could get away with themed birthdays for me :)
Mary Prather said…
Melissa -- I just love your love of life - it exudes in each and every Collage Friday post. I am thankful for you!

We have a bush with cardinals nesting in it -- they are all hanging out at our feeder - but I'm hesitant to go very close to the nest because they buzz us even when we walk by!

I'm interested to hear how your trip goes in the new camper! Fun times!

I miss you!
Jessy said…
<-- totally envious of the new camper! LOL

Beautiful farm photo with the pond! Love that one especially.

Legos! And the BBQ looks like a blast! I don't think I've seen EITHER THING around here. :sigh:

How will you fit in school with all your other spring plans? LOL Planning should be a cinch!
Lindsay said…
whew you guys are going to be busy this month! Love that first picture of the barn! So peaceful! Can't wait to see how the party turns out!
Jean Poylini said…
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Theresa Novak said…
Sounds like lots of good stuff! Your photos are gorgeous!

We are hoping to do some camping this year, too!
Mary said…
Love the photos - whose barn is that?? Beautiful! The Lego thing looks like it was fun :)
melismama said…
Thanks Dawn - she is excited for her birthday (weekend!)

Phylis - thanks! My other passion, photography 8)

Mary - awe thanks - as you know, the alternative to loving your life, not so fun 8(

Jessy - isn't LIFE school? LOL

Lindsay - thanks - the barn is a horse barn that we feed the horses owned by the family who hosted us (friends)

Jean - never heard of them

Theresa - thanks 8) love taking pictures

Mary - it's a barn on the property of our friends where we visit. We feed the horses too 8) Love the reflection I captured this day 8)
Karen said…
That top picture of the barn and the reflection is GORGEOUS!! I love it. The BBQ at your church sounds like such fun. Your trees are so beautiful too. Isn't Spring the best!?? Everything you have planned for May sounds wonderful. Can't wait to 'read' all about it. Happy weekend Melissa! :)
PrairieJenn said…
What a beautiful week! Your photos are amazing! We are so ready for our first camping trip of the year. Hope your daughter has a Happy Birthday:)
Beth Starr said…
The Lego Competition looks like a lot of fun. I loved your picture of the cardinals. I grew up seeing cardinals all the time, but they do not live out here in the NW and I do miss seeing them.
Gorgeous barn photo. Where in Pa are you? We vacation there and lived there too. Lots of relatives...Thanks for stopping by my blog!
My latest post:
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