Collage Friday

 Another week flew by....we were a very busy family!  

Started with last weekend - it was our Sammie's 4th Birthday and she had not one but TWO celebrations! 

Saturday with her friends at the gym - Olympic Gymnastics Party

and then on Sunday with the family - Cinco de Mayo Party!  Both were a lot of fun to style for her!


Field Trip to a small zoo this week in NJ - beautiful day!

Started back with our Little Passports curriculum with a "trip to Australia

Another "field trip" with an outing to our local Creamery was in order!  The views are just breathtaking. The sky was SO blue that day!  

As you read this post we are preparing the Camper (aka travel trailer) for Mother's Day Weekend camping trip!  (pray rain holds off!)

I hope you get a chance to thank a Mother this weekend for all she does - even if it's not your own mom - support another mom!  

Can't wait to blog about our 1st Camping adventure in our camper - hope some good stories to tell!  

Join me over at Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday!  

Homegrown Learners

Be Blessed!


Hwee said…
What a lucky girl to have two celebrations, both of which look amazingly fun!
Karen said…
What a fun, busy week!! I know Sammie had a great birthday, I loved all the Instagram pictures. You give GREAT parties! Have fun on your Camper trip. I would love to have a camper. Happy Mother's Day Melissa!
Rebecca said…
It looks like you all had a great week, and I loved the pictures of both of the parties!
Dawn said…
What lovely parties. I love seeing all of the fun field trips everyone is doing. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.
Blessings, Dawn
Jessy said…
Happy birthday Samantha!

I can't wait to see how your camping trip goes! How fun! I think I'm a bit jealous! LOL Perhaps I'll try to get in one camping trip this season? But in a tent! LOL

A great week of field trips!
Anonymous said…
I love your trip to Australia. You always have so many good ideas and fun in your school. Have fun camping, we are going next weekend. Life's simple pleasures.
Lara Molettiere said…
What a fun time! You have the greatest parties, I know your kids are so blessed to have such a creative mama!
Jamie said…
WOW,the kiddos are growing up!!!I luv the new haircut so cute!OF course you are the only mama who can throw off 2 awesome parties.
Have a great weekend Mama M

Happy Mamas Day
Mary said…
What a fun week! I always enjoy your photos. I can't wait to hear about your camping adventures.
Renee Brown said…
Hopping in from your comment at Great Peace Academy. A Happy Birthday to your daughter. Looks like she had some very nice celebrations. :)
I want to know how the weekend was!

Oh, and in the first picture -- don't those two look just alike?!?!


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