Collage Friday

Last weekend, Mother's Day weekend, we went camping in our Travel Trailer...All was good, for the most part.  Our BFF's who normally meet up with us camping had to cancel at the last minute as one of their children was too sick to be away from home 8(   This also resulted in our children being sad 8( and "bored"   It did rain most of the day on Saturday but we made the best of it...walking in the rain never melted anyone I know 8)  

 Eric took this entire week off and we have been busy beavers with yard work, landscaping, painting projects and more...we decided at the last minute to take the entire week of school off (HUZZAH) but will be getting back into the swing of things on Monday (booo)....Anyway, here are a few pics from our weekend...

Wont you join me over at Homegrown Learners to see what others are up too?   Enjoy the weekend!

Homegrown Learners


Karen said…
How fun Melissa! I actually thought of you this week and hoped you were having a GREAT time! Love the gummy worms and dirt. Keilee made that in one of her Co-op classes this week. I would love to have a cute little camper for Kei and I. :)
Dawn said…
Glad you had so much fun on your camping trip. We are doing lots of yard work too.
blessings, Dawn
A week like yours sound great... sometimes we just need to STOP and get some things done around our home and just live LIFE without any school.

It's a rainy day here - Anna had a friend spend the night and they are still sleeping. They boys are watching baseball and I'm getting ready to make a big breakfast. We are very blessed, my friend.

I am thankful for you -- praying you have a great weekend!
Jessy said…
Aw! So sorry your friend couldn't join you camping. Hopefully everyone is feeling better now in their household! Still love the camper! LOL
Carrie said…
Darling photos! My kids would love to take a trailer adventure! Thanks for stopping by my little corner :)
Tina said…
So sad we had to miss the "maiden voyage" with the trailer! But glad our next adventure is just around the corner. :)

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