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Yes my friends - June is in full swing...rain has made everything so green and lush here in NY!  We are preparing (as you read this) to leave for a week long camping trip in our new Travel Trailer!  What I am looking forward to the most.... NO COMPUTER for the kids to sit in front of!  More time with ME outdoors!  Hubby will be there for the Father's Day weekend and then back home for the work week..coming back to get us on Friday.  SO I am doing this solo!  Pray for me please!  Pray for great weather!  My mom (aka Bubby) will be coming up to visit for a few days also!  

We are off to Jellystone (only about an hour from our home...)  great for the children and we are so familiar with this campground kinda feels like a 2nd home!  We are new to their RV sites though! 

This picture was taken LAST FATHER'S Day Weekend - we camp with our BFF's (they were nursing a sick child for Mother's Day weekend so they had to cancel if you remember)  So see our 2012 Celebration with a CHEERS Theme - you can click HERE)  

Sunday was the ending to the Sunday school year for the children. It was a Youth Sunday service where the children did a lot of participation.  Zachary received his very own bible (which he was sooo happy about). He has been reading every day since!  All the children sang and the girls helped with collection.  It was a very inspiring service!

We were able to sneak in a few Science Experiments this week - the one shown above - making our own Lava Lamps!

Below picture:  Studying about Flag Day (June 14th). The children looked into other state flags as well and made their Own Unique Flag.   

We crossed out items on our Spring Bucket List and printed our new Summer One.  You can find ideas and free printables for Summer Bucket Lists at this POST from earlier this week.

If you follow me on for camping adventure pictures! Wish me luck! 

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Anonymous said…
What fun a week long camping trip you guys will have!
Jessica said…
My girls are anxious to camp again. We have only gone once, last summer and we had a great time.
Dawn said…
Have a wonderful camping trip.
Blessings, Dawn
Chris said…
AWESOME post...wonderful classic shots...Wow. I loved this.
Enjoy the time together....we're campers too.

God bless;)
Have a great time camping! I'd love to take the boys, but I'm afraid of bugs... lol.
Jessy said…
Oh, you can do it! I've ALWAYS camped alone with my kids, even when they were just 6, 3 and an infant! (My youngest went on his first TENT trip at 12 weeks old.) I'll admit it's MUCH easier now that they're 14, 11 and 8! :wink: LOVE camping, even if we're not able to do any this season. (We're saving all our pennies for our trip to Alaska in August instead.)
Love the bucket lists! Your life is so much fun!!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
Anonymous said…
How fun! We love camping too:) We are working on our summer fun list too. Great photo collages!
Anonymous said…
How fun! We love camping too:) We are working on our summer fun list too. Great photo collages!

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