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It seems that each week I write my Collage Friday time has June is gone...Bring on July!

Over the weekend - besides cleaning out the camper and doing unlimited amounts of laundry - I took the kids to see Monsters University   Being the budget conscience mom that I am, movies really are not affordable for us. HOWEVER, Molly had $ 30 in GC's to AMC Theaters and it only cost us $ 2 for the kids and I to go to the Matinee showing.    It was really cute and worth it! 

We decided, as a family, that we are changing our "formal school" for the Summer.  Each day a different subject...Monday Math, Tuesday Writing, Wednesday Geography, Thursday Science, Friday Misc.  With reading every day - no exceptions on reading.  We are continuing with our Friday Fun Bowling (Kids Bowl Free program) that we have been doing since April.  

We bought a season pass to our local "lake" beach.  First trip was Monday.   It's about 15 mins from our home!  

Some other fun family outings on our bucket list...coming up...Minor League Baseball movies (there is a drive-in theater in our town),  going out to eat more (we never go out and need to get out more), NASCAR Races (2 of them scheduled!), more camping adventures, Zachary turns 9 in July and more fun!  

I also saw that AMC Theaters is running a promotion for Summer.  A handful of movies only costing $ 3 each. All money to the Autism Society and they are at 10 pm on dates provided. Here is a LINK if you are interested. There are several I have not seen..SO if hubby and I can get out some date! 

We are still working along, at a summer's pace, with etc...

Working hard on finding better choices for the familty when it comes to food.  

These cookies are 2 bananas, 1 cup oats and chocolate chips (you can add whatever you want).  Mash together and bake at 350 degrees for 20 mins or so...they are tasty (try over yogart or vanilla ice cream also!)  There are a ton of variations to this recipe on Pinterest that you can use also. Adding in peanut butter and other ingredients..I just wanted minimal and easy!  

Made some grilled shrimp rolls for lunch one day with fresh dill, lettuce, scallions from the Farmers Market. It was soo good with some Chipolte Ranch dressing (just a smear of it) in a warm tortilla! 

We hosted our annual "School's Out for the Summer" party on Wednesday.  The thunderstorms held out until a few hours after the party was over (thank you God).  This is the same group of kids and moms that have been getting together since some of these kids were weeks old.   We had ice cream, swimming, water guns and more fun!  Look for the full post coming soon over at my sister blog My Party Passion. 

Tonight we are going to a minor league baseball game with about 10 other families (annual event).  Looking forward to it,  (here are some pics from last year's trip).

I hope your weekend is blessed!  

PRAYER REQUEST:  If you would be so kind as to add my father, Jack, to your prayer list. He went into the hospital this week with some complications due to diabetes  I so appreciate it!  

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Rebecca said…
I'll be praying for your father...It sounds like you have plans for a great summer.
Lara Molettiere said…
Praying for your father! It sounds like a super fun week and lots of memories to come! We'll be seeing MU this week, too!
Jessy said…
Thinking of your Dad! My Dad also have Diabetes. It's been really effecting his walking lately; his feet hurt. :sigh:

I want to take the kids to the drive in here (with a cooler for snacks), but they haven't been showing appropriate movies for the kids...and I'm pretty lenient when it comes to those things.

Looks like fun at the lake! (If the rain ever stops here we could enjoy the ones near by!)

I've seen that cookie recipe! I wonder if it worked!

Carrie said…
I love your collages -- especially the lake beach. We have one about an hour's drive away. Your photos of water play make me want to go!
I agree, your lake beach looks beautiful!

Your father is in my prayers - hope he gets over the complications soon.

Hope the game was fun and you have a great weekend!
Christy said…
It looks like a lot of summer fun! We aren't as purposeful in our summer planning, and then we never get to the really fun things. You have some good ideas there!

I'll pray for your father; my dad had diabetes and it made other diseases much more difficult.
Karen said…
Wow tons of fun Melissa!! We don't go to the movies a lot either even though it is only us 2. It is expensive. We LOVE the Drive In but the closet one is about 30 minutes away. A Minor League game is on our Summer list too! And that lake looks great. I love the colored hair and I wish we lived close enough to go to one of your parties. They always look like such fun!!
Karen said…
Adding your Dad to our Prayer list too!
Busy as usual, my friend!

We are bowling every Thursday night for Cosmic Dollar Bowling night - it's been so much fun and Aunt Julie and Uncle David have been joining us, too.

I like the way you do a subject a day. Very smart!

I hope the rain held off for your ballgame tonight!
Becca said…
I like to let my kids eat those kinds of cookies for breakfast. They get so excited to eat COOKIES FOR BREAKFAST and I love that they are eating oatmeal and other whole grains. Win-Win :D
PrairieJenn said…
Such summer fun! Great photos too! We've been wondering about the new Monsters movie...sounds like a good one:) We will be praying for your dad!

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