Getting Kids to Write! (and a LEGO Printable)

It's a sure bet that if you ask Zachary to write a story, copy work or anything else to do with writing he will moan and whatever he can to get out of the assignment or make it shorter.

  It's always been a struggle for him to physically write. He is great at telling the stories and telling me, in words, what he wants to write. He never learned, not because I did not try to teach him, to hold the pencil correctly. His handwriting looks like a preschoolers chicken scratch.  Now ask the boy to type anything and he is a speed demon.  lol....

HOWEVER, when Mary over at Homegrown Learners created these cool writing prompts using LEGO Mini Figures as her point of interest, well I thought, why not give it one last try....

I printed them all out and put them into our Tuesday Writing folder.  Today when he asked what he had for work...I pulled out just three of the prompts and told him to think of a creative sentence and he had to write them down.  Strangely he did not say anything. I walked away leaving him and heard him laugh out loud...then snuck back into the room and he was writing!  WHAT?  Could this do the trick?  No idea, but today he did not mind at all...and honestly it's pretty neat for him... lol

If you want these valuable teaching tools - click HERE!

Thanks Mary for all the work you do to help educate our children and giving us tools to make it happen!  Hats off to ya my friend!

Be Blessed!


Tina said…
That is great! Go Z!
Yes -- this is awesome! Please tell Z Miss Mary is proud of him and his writing. It warms my heart to see these pictures!
That is so cool! I'm definitely going to try with my son. Thanks, Melissa! Lucinda

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