Summer Bucket List and Free Printables

Not that I am trying to rush things, BUT, Summer will be here before you know it!  Our local Farmer's Market starts up this week...rain has been falling a lot making everything soooo green and along with all this change in seasons comes our 

Summer Bucket List!

We were not able to do EVERYTHING on our Spring list but did cross off about half.   

If you are interested in making your own list, I invite you to go to Eye Candy Event Details for a FREE Download of a blank list!   Or you can do what we do - has a great premade list for you.  Definitely some challenges for us on this list!

  I have seen some really cute ideas on Pinterest for Bucket lists....

(this has free printables also!)

Do you make a list?  Do your children add to it? 

Whatever your process - enjoy the summer...relax...have fun!

Be Blessed!


Lindsay said…
Very fun! We made a list and have started on it :-) Can't wait to see you guys crossing things off!!
Tracy said…
Hi Melissa!

My summer bucket list consists of getting through pregnancy #5 and preparing for babe's birth on Aug. 3! :) And my kids are still doing some reading, math, history and geography to keep some sort of schedule until baby arrives! :)

I hope you have a blessed summer! :)

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