Collage Friday

Happy July everyone!  It's Friday and that means time to tell ya what's been happening over here at The Joys of Home Educating....

It's rained almost every day for 3 weeks around plants are all water logged...the kids have not been out to play much with the heat and humidity so high....we have been doing art projects and other "in home" stuff...we have been "schooling" everyday and I already had to hand in my Letter of Intent, to school Molly and Zachary, to the district. 

We did make it to two minor league baseball games in the last week though!  One was with a large group of friends and the other was just our family.  The kids had a great time and we will be back for more I am sure!

I did not take many pictures with my camera this week...more with my if the pictures are not the best...I apologize.

The girls made cards for several people (birthdays coming up this month) using the bottom of a celery stalk.  We did this last year also and it was a big hit!  I love how the cards turned out!

We spent the Fourth of July at a friends house, poolside. The kids had a great time as well as the adults. It was low key but so nice to not "entertain" for a change!

Zachary has been building a lot lately with our wooden blocks (something that never gets old...).  I also took this picture of the cloud because in person it looking like a HUGE Cotton ball coming up over the trees....against such a blue sky. 

Thanks for everyone who has been praying for my father. He is back home from the hospital but not out of the woods yet (continued prayer would be appreciated).  I decided, after a lot of prayer, that I will be taking the kids down to see him in NC at the end of August and then traveling on to Charleston, SC to see my uncle and have a mini vacation with the children.   

I hope your week was filled with love and laughter!  

Wont you join me over at Collage Friday - Homegrown Learners!  

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Anonymous said…
What a fun week! Glad you guys had a dry 4th!!
Karen said…
That is a lot of rain!! It rained buckets here yesterday, totally flooded parts of our city. I like occasional rainy days but too many makes me antsy and gloomy.

I never use my camera anymore, only my iPhone! I love the celery birthday cards. I saw that on Instagram and thought it was awesome. Your 4th sounds like fun. Ours was spent inside. Praying for your father Melissa. Happy weekend!
Rebecca said…
We're going to keep praying for your father, but I'm glad that he's doing better. It's been pouring down rain here all week, so I can totally relate :-) I'm glad that you guys had such a good week!
I love the celery heart cards - so pretty with all those colours! We don't celebrate the 4th here in England (funny that! :-D) but after reading about all the washed out holidays it's good to hear yours was sunny.
Keeping your father in my prayers.
Mary Prather said…
I'm continuing to pray for your father, Melissa. I'm glad you made the decision to travel south to visit him.

I just love the very first picture in your post. Molly is just beautiful. :-)

Here's to NO MORE RAIN!!!!
Jessy said…
We're having the SAME weather! For 2 weeks we had rain every single day. We're SO soggy! But then the sun came out yesterday and we're in the 90s with high humidity. :sigh: Melting!

Isn't that awesome! Those celery flower cards! Cute!

Healing vibes for your Dad!
Phyllis said…
I love that first picture. She is so adorable. I love the cards. We will have to make some of those. They have been on my to-do list for some time now. I love that you got in the picture this week, too. What a great week.
Linda Sears said…
Your little Independence Day Cutie is adorable! She put everyone in a patriotic mood, I'm sure.
Sounds like a great week at your house, love the celery prints - so pretty! And I have to say I am thankful we don't have to send in a letter of intent. I forget what others have to do to be ready for a new school year.
Enjoy your summer!
Sara Byrne said…
I'm praying for your father. I love the cloud picture. No rain here. That was our month of June, so I feel for you.

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