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Here we are again recapping a week that seems like a blurr. Still on and off thunderstorms here in NY and very hot and humid. We have been inside more than outside this week....
Last Friday night we attended the Birthday Luau of Zachary's BFF. It was at their "property" (which is not where they live) it's 16 acres of woods with some awesome views of the valley  The kids had a great time and hubby was glad to have some steamed clams!
For school this week we started (and ended) a Dinosaur Unit. Using the Bible as our reference we learned that Dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago, that in fact they only lived thousands of years ago when Adam and Eve were on the Earth. It was fascinating to learn about all the Bible references and facts that back up the Creation Scientists on this subject!
This Wednesday started a 5 week program at our church (Drop in with a Dollar).  The kids are team building and having fun.  It runs until the 1st week in August. 
Today we are participating in a Trike A Thon to raise some money for our church's MAD (Making A Difference) group. Then bowling and then coming home to make cupcakes for Bubby's birthday celebration (hope she is not reading
Tonight is also a much needed Ladies Night Out with some gal pals of mine. Been a LONG while since we have been able to get together! 
No update (nothing new good or bad) with my father.  However, our cat, Job (like in the Bible) is showing signs of leaving this Earth.  Explaining to the kids about death has not been an easy task this week.  8(  
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I wanted to share some of the sites we obtained some Dinosaur resources from:


Holly Oshesky said…
Looks like a super busy week. We've been dealing with the rain and humidity in Michigan too. Good thing we homeschool, lots of great indoor activities to do.
Rebecca said…
We loved studying dinosaurs last year. We used the Homeschool Share unit and the "What Really Happened to the dinosaurs?" book. Good memories :-)......It sounds like you guys are having a good week!
Lara Molettiere said…
What a fun party! And you got a pic of the best hot sauce ever :) Enjoy your night out!
Nicole said…
So hard to watch a pet suffer. We attempted to hatch chick eggs this week and only had one hatch (after assisting). We then had to make the decision to put him out of his misery which was DEVASTATING! So hard!
Caroline said…
Melissa, Glad you are having a great summer. Although I do not believe in your view on creation verse evolution, I appreciate that you are teaching your children what you believe in. Go for it!

The kids miss hanging out with your kids, they ask about them, at least kate does!

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