Collage Friday

Hi Y''s a tired Melissa glad you had a minute to stop by and say hi!
We have been keeping ourselves busy here at The Joys of Home Educating.
Last weekend we camped (for the 3rd time in our travel trailer - no "issues" this time! - HUZZAH!) with our BFF's and the theme of the weekend was Christmas in July.
Last year we won the site decorating contest. (gave up our title this year - sadly).  This year we even brought a tree with us and decorated it on "Christmas Eve" (Friday night). There were presents around it on Saturday morning for the kids.
One super fun activity that we did was to Christmas Carol at the Jellystone Office.  We were so lucky to have Cindy bear there to witness The Jelly-Tones in action!  In fact, they loved it so much, they asked US to sing in front of the entire park crowd (100's of people) to "bring in Santa" when he arrived at the lodge to hand out gifts to the lucky boys and girls.    I was so proud of the kids!

Lots of Lego fun this week....Molly and I are reading Junie B. books to keep going on her site word skills.  Zachary has been working on his math facts - gotta get that speed up! Molly working on simple math fact families (upper right)
We do not need that many supplies this year so I was able to snag the few things we needed at Target and Staples - real cheap!   The Aveeno Anti Itch is our new best friend - so many bug bites while camping...
If you remember, our upper deck garden was planted months ago - see post HERE.  Well, between too much rain for weeks and then too much heat....they are not doing well 8(  the ONLY thing we have been able to benefit from is some basil....however, we are supporting our local farmers by buying at the farmers market each Tuesday.

Other things this week....gearing up for Zachary's 9th birthday party (family only) this Saturday (Minecraft theme)!  Heat is suppose to break, thank God!   We are going to another baseball game on Friday and bringing Bubby with us!  We are continuing to go to Drop in with a Dollar at our church - program for kids of all ages to drop in and have fun for an hour and 1/2 each Wednesday.   Bowling when we get time here and there....I am working on our curriculum for Fall and it goes on and

I hope you will join me over at Homegrown Learners to see what others are up to on this Collage Friday.

Until next week - Be Blessed!






Christmas in July - HOW fun! :-D I'm giggling as I look at your photos!
Your garden photos are beautiful, even if the plants aren't loving the weather!
I hope Zac has a fabulous party (family only - my favourite ;-)). How could he not with a Minecraft theme? What a great mama :-)
ps sorry Melissa, meant to say Zachary - he's not a Zac, is he? :-)
Melissa N. said…
Thanks Lucinda - you are right...Zachary all the way 8) He corrects people Enjoy your weekend!
Anonymous said…
How could you guys not have won the decorating contest! It looks amazing! Yay on gearing up for the fall!
Phyllis said…
Wow, you really do Christmas in July fully, don't you? Looks like a fabulous week. We are going camping the end of next month, but we just have a tent.
Hope Jackson said…
I love your Christmas in July! How fun! And singing to all the campers - priceless! Happy Birthday to Zachary =)
Karen said…
I love the "Christmas in July" theme! Sorry you lost your title! Next year right? :) Keilee and I listened to Junie B audio books when she was younger. They cracked us up! So about your garden. Ours didn't do well this year either, well our 2 little things we planted. Happy Birthday to Zachary! Your parties always rock!
Jessy said…
As always, jealous about the camping! LOL How cute about the JellyTones! We're not needing many supplies this year either. Phew! I don't really enjoy ANY kind of shopping! Happy birthday, Zachary!
Tina said…
Hope he had a great party weekend! Bummer about the garden. At least you have the basil! Love the lotions pic you threw in there...poor Sammie. We have our work cut out for us next year in July. Time to start scheming...

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