Dinosaur Teachings from the Bible

This week we started a week long summer unit on Dinosaurs.  When I started researching about these marvelous creatures,  I wanted to stay focused on the Biblical true (Creation Science) and not what the Evolutionists say.   I will tell you now, it was VERY difficult not to find books, flash cards, movies etc that stayed along the path of evolution. 
Growing up I heard about dinosaurs but did not take much of an interest in them.  I was more into the Barbie’s and dolls. However, having a son who is almost 25 and another son is is almost 9, you can bet dinosaurs have come up a few times in our household discussions!
I always had the mind set when I was growing up that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and that no human ever lived at the time of the dinosaurs.  Once I became strong in my faith and really  understood the Bible better, I knew that could not have been true. 
Genesis 1:24-25 clearly states that God made all the animals, big and small.  So he must have made the dinosaurs then also!   
Besides reading this passage from the Bible, I sat with the children and watched this You Tube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpNloRrJoKw  which explains it all with all the back up proof needed to teach about dinosaurs from the Biblical sense.
I hope you will stop back this week to find out more about dinosaurs and how the Bible tells us all we need to know about these creatures! 
Until then.....ROAR and Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
What fun you guys will have! I love the Masterbook products for dinosaurs for this exact reason! I am sure you found some great things!

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