Road Trip - Preparing 101

Road Trip – preparing 101

August will be here in less than 24 hours as of this blog post.  I am preparing my mind, body and soul for being away from our safe happy home for more days than we will be home -  in August.
Picture I took from my trip to Relevant Conference a few years ago.

We have two road trips scheduled!  (One of which hubby is coming along and the other – longer trip – it’s me and my 4 children!)

We have taken road trips before….DVD’s were our saving grace. However, this time the children seem to have outgrown the DVD novelty and I need to come up with other ways to keep them from melting down, fighting…asking “are we there yet?”  Sure, we will bring the old stand-bys: the IPads, DS and LeapFrog products…but I want some more…learning fun…activities that will spark conversations among the family.

Planning a road trip with three kids under 10 can be a mind boggling task.  There are a ton of helpful blogs, websites and advice from veteran road trippers out there.

Our first trip is a week away. (she types, biting her nails)  We will be away for 5 days and traveling over 3 hours each way. Although it's not too terribly long of a trip, never the less, it's 3 hours in the Yukon and pulling a camper (which is another entirely different mind blowing list going) -  making sure the melt downs are to a bare minimum is my main focus of the trip (besides having a great family time!).

Here are a few sites and activities that I am hoping will make the trip more fun!
Source: HERE

I have also used "reward" points, Swagbucks and Ebates cash to purchase a few fun items from Amazon (always keeping my budget to a minimum!)  Such as window markers from Crayola, Nat Geo books - full of pictures, art supplies and more....
If you are planning a road trip soon - I invite you to check out my Pinterest Travel Page for a TON of ideas to keep the little ones busy!
If you have any suggestions, sites or advice – ALL ARE WELCOME! 


Until Next Time – Be Blessed!


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What wonderful travel activities. I think my guy would love them.
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