Collage Friday - NASCAR EDITION

WOW What a week it's been!   We spent 5 days upstate in Watkins Glen NY (AKA Wine Country of the East) for a fun filled, action packed vacation.  We did SO MUCH!   I will try to recap quickly in pictures how our time was spent.....

We arrived at our camp ground on Thursday afternoon (no pics - bad thunderstorms after setting up!)  Friday - more rain, but did not stop us from checking the track out!  Lots to do...

These pics are from Saturday's Nationwide Series Race.  SO LOUD (we used ear protection) but sooo cool!  Our seats were great, right at start/finish line. No rain, beauty of a day!

We found some time to HIKE the Gorge at the Watkins Glen State Park.  It is so beautiful and the falls are all breathtaking. 

There was a ton of fun to be had at the McDonalds Pavilion.  Tailgating is always a must also (pic with the kids and our travel picnic table)

Morning of Sprint Cup race.  The M&M Car (Driver Kyle Busch - girls favorite driver) - he won the race!  

Our VIP Passes (daddy splurged) got us right down to the pits before the race. The kids loved it!  

Number 88 car is Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Daddy's favorite driver).  The three drivers at the bottom of this pic were all part of a  Q and A session that we got to be a part of. The last pic is Kyle Busch -  Winner of the Race (Q and A was before the race)

We had so much fun and will be traveling again to see another race late September - this time to New Hampshire!  Camper has been a lot of fun this Summer.  Our last trip is scheduled for October!

In addition, we have been keeping up on our studies, reading a lot, preparing the home for start of school for the Fall (October 1) and loving our cool weather week!

A great friend of mine comes into town from Florida today - so we are going to make the best of the 24 hours she is here... (hoping for bonfire tonight!) Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and we have a wedding to attend. 

The kids and I leave a week from Sunday for a long road trip down south to see my dad and then on to Charleston, SC (where I was born) to visit my Aunt and Uncle for a while. (praying for good weather, rain stopping and no hurricanes!)

Won't you join me over at Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday!  Come on and link up!

I hope everyone is as blessed as I am!  Until next time - Be Blessed!


Dawn said…
What a fun and unique vacation. I am glad you all had so much fun.
Blessings, Dawn
That sounds like a lovely family hobby and a great theme for a vacation. Love your colourful collages!

Have a wonderful weekend! Lucinda
Hodgepodgemom said…
WOW! What a whirlwind, spinning vacation trip. Fabulous!! So much learning all the time.
Phyllis said…
Wow, what a lovely week... I love all of your fun and learning spaces.
Lara Molettiere said…
I loved watching all your fun this week on Instagram! Your little ones are so blessed to be able to have so much fun while they learn! Have a blessed weekend.
Mary Prather said…
I'm praying for good weather for you all, too. And, I'm praying for your dad and your trip to see him. I know this isn't easy for you.

You should come visit me -- the NASCAR track in Hampton, GA is just 30 minutes from my house!
Christy said…
That is a busy and fun time! Have a great time on the rest of your travels.
Hope Jackson said…
What fun photos! Yay for Nascar!Prayers being lifted for your dad.

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