Collage Friday

Not real sure where the week went....we celebrated a lot this week...Zachary turned 9 on Monday and a few days before that we had family over to celebrate with us!  Minecraft was the theme of the party!  We had a great time and the weather was perfect! 

We did about an hour a day of book work and continued with teachings outside the home...We went to see the movie TURBO (great movie!) and of course Friendly's for a celebratory birthday sundae!
On Monday, his actual birthday, we went to the Renegades Baseball game (our minor league team).  It was a special time for Zachary. We allowed him to bring two friends to share the night.  As a surprise to Zachary, I arranged for him to throw out the 1st pitch, had his name in lights on the tron board and they all went out to practice catching on the field prior to the game!  In addition, one of the event employees picked the kids (randomly) to go out at the 7th inning stretch and sing Take Me Out to The Ballgame.  It was a fun time!  (video below)!

In addition to all the fun father is back in ICU this week with some heart complications.  I am praying he is out today or tomorrow.  We are taking a road trip to see him in a month!  This week will be a blurr also...Eric has two softball playoff games...we are going to another baseball game on Monday....we leave Thursday morning for a 5 day trip to NASCAR (with the camper) - in Watkins Glen (Wine Country - Upstate NY)....

Busy times.....

I hope you will join me over at Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday!


Becca said…
Sorry to hear about your Dad's heart problems. We've lived with my husband's for 10+ years now, so I understand.
Christy said…
Wow! That was a busy week. I hope your dad is out of ICU soon. My dad was in and out of the hospital (specialized heart hospital) for the last 10 years of his life. I hope all is well with your dad soon.

Have fun vacation!
Jessy said…
Cute party! My kids like playing Minecraft too! Pretty darn cool about the baseball game! I bet he LOVED that! Sorry to hear about your Dad though!
Chris said…
Wow, great party!! I just love themed parties...My 13 yo had a "Lucky 13" theme when he became a teen in May...that was fun...but we've western themes, pirate themes, even doctor who themes. (My younger son is turning 11 in Dec and he, also, wants a Doctor Who theme....luckily I have some decorations and even a TARDIS still hanging around from my older son's DW party several years ago! ) Love what you did tho, with the minecraft theme!
Praying for your dad! I'm so sorry to hear of the complications...
And enjoy your trip!
we are also going camping upstate ( Adirondacks) I see you're from Orange Co...I am originally from Queens and when my dh and I married 17 yo, we moved out east on LI. Hewas from Nassau and would not hear of buying a house west of his..he insisted on moving east.... It is very very different but I am growing to like the quiet and the space. I;m so happy my husband insisted. There's no bullet proof glass at the counter of the banks or the DMV....seriously, these little things still shock me. It's almost like the 1950s out here.......
Enjoy your time away! it IS a lot of work, prepping, tho, isn't it?

Have fun!
Great pics...thx for sharing!!

Take care, friend!
Mary said…
Praying for your Dad!

We did a baseball party years ago for my oldest with the minor league team, San Jose Giants - in CA. It was so fun!
Sorry to hear your dad is in the ICU. I'm praying for him.

It looks like Zachary had a wonderful birthday - well done!
Linda Sears said…
Sounds like a fun week, but so sorry about your father. I hope he is improving.
Have a wonderful upcoming week!
(stopping by today from Collage Fridays)

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