Kiwi Crate - PERFECT GIFT!

Last year I saw an ad for Kiwi Crate and was intrigued by it.  What are Kiwi Crates you ask? 
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Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service for kids. Each month, subscribers receive boxes filled with fun and engaging kids' projects. Each box includes plenty of materials and inspiration for 2-3 projects in arts & crafts, science activities or imaginative play. Previous crate themes include Dinosaurs, Gardening, Colors, Space and more. Kiwi Crate projects are age-appropriate for boys and girls ages 3 to 7 and are designed to encourage discovery, exploration and expression. Each project is designed by moms, reviewed by child development experts, and, of course, tested by kids.
Subscriptions can be ordered month-to-month ($19.95 per month) or annually ($220). Kiwi Crate also makes a great gift for birthdays or holidays. We have 3 and 6-month gift subscriptions available (for $59 and $110, respectively). Also, additional materials can be purchased for siblings.

 From the first Kiwi Crate arrival, I was hooked and so were my kids!  Each girl gets one (although they are gender neutral kits, my girls are interested in crafting).  I could not believe the quality of art supplies that Kiwi Crate is giving you in each crate!  From the pastels to the scissors, these are products you will be using time after time, not just for the 1 crate.   I am in shocked each month of the projects and the ease in which our girls can finish the products.

All the "extras" that come with the crates...additional craft ideas, resources, links, little surprises - all of these just go to show the dedication that Kiwi Crate has to providing a superior product!

If you are looking for a Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift or just a monthly craft delivered to your door each month - then this is the ticket my friends! 

Right now Kiwi Crate is offering a Great Sale to new customers! Click HERE to check it out!  (FREE SHIPPING also) 

Shh...don't tell the girls...but bubby (AKA Grandma) is renewing their annual subscription! 
You can also check out the fun activities from Kiwi Crate (Free Printable) by clicking on the link in the right column of the blog (top!)


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Is the link marked click here, working for anyone? I am not able to.
Love the masks they made!!
Is the link marked click here, working for anyone? I am not able to.
Love the masks they made!!
Lindsay said…
I'm pretty sure Sammy would love these!! Can you send me the link the one in the post isn't working and I would love for you to get some credit for it :-)
Melissa N. said…
Hi ladies. So sorry the link seems to be not working. I am on vaca right now but will be back in a week. Hang tight. I will fix when I get back. They really are worth it!
Melissa N. said…
Hi Ladies - OK It's working correctly now! Hope you all get on board! These are GREAT!
Itp kumar said…
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Mary Prather said…
Come back, come back! I miss you! ;-)

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