Collage Friday and a BIG BIrthday!

Happy 25th Birthday to my oldest son - Jeremy!

Jeremy and his fiance Kerri!  Love ya baby!

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Welcome friends to another Collage Friday and a glimpse into our blessed lives!   Today I bring you our trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire!  We spent 5 days there last week and words are not going to do this place justice!   

We hiked...we observed...we rested....we prayed....we hiked some more....we took a gondola ride 4100 feet up to the top of a mountain....we were a family and I loved every stinkin minute of it! 

The leaves were just starting to change!  I was really hoping to see a moose or two...but nope, just the

Our main purpose for going to New Hampshire (6 hour trip for us) was to see the NASCAR Race - however I did not bring my camera to the race so you wont really see much of the race on the post today!  lol....however we did stay at a Jellystone about 40 minutes from the track - and participated in a lot of their daily activities....making caramel apples, helping Boo Boo raise the flag and sing the Star Spangled Banner.  Always a fun time with Yogi and his pals! 

More hiking - and the gondola ride!

Had to throw this picture in just for hubby!  (from race in Watkins Glen...hehe)

Molly made this turkey all by herself from the Duplo LEGOS!  Proud of her. 

For school - we were easing our way back to our full time schedule as we finally start back up next week!   I have been working behind the scenes on changing out the clothes in the house from summer to Fall/Winter.     We are apple picking this weekend so watch for some fun pictures next week from that!   

 I am also knee deep into our Halloween Bash plans - coming together nicely!  Now if we can just hold off the snow!

Now it's time to go check out more fun Collage Friday posts over at Homegrown Learners with my gal pal Mary! 

I hope you enjoyed your week as much as I have!  

Until next time - Be Blessed!


Phyllis said…
I really love that last picture. We have never stayed at a Jellystone. Do you recommend it? Happy Birthday to your oldest.
Melissa N. said…
Hi Phyllis - it all depends on the Jellystone park really. They are franchised, so not consistent with cleanliness or activities. We have stayed at some and would never go back..we have our favorites.
Rebecca said…
Love your pictures from the week :-) We had a little cooler weather this week, and it was a reminder to me that I need to start switching out the kids' dressers!
Jessy said…
It's a beautiful area in New Hampshire, huh? We love the Kanc Highway through the White Mountain National Forest. Halloween Bash??
Christy said…
Wow, those are some wonderful pictures from your trip. I love the moose crossing sign. I've seen a turkey crossing sign, but never a moose :)

Looking forward to reading about your new school year.
Mary said…
Melissa, you always have the best pictures! We have a Jellystone here in Texas and I have yet to take my family there. Maybe soon!
Melissa N. said…
Thanks everyone for the comments. We have a lot of fun camping and traveling. Love New Hampshire!

Yes Jessy - hosting our annual Halloween Family Bash soon!

Mary - We always have fun at Jellystone!

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