Collage Friday

Happy Friday the 13th Y'all!

Still have my southern twang from our trip south!  LOL

So glad to be back to Collage Friday and join all my friends over at Homegrown Learners!  It's been a few weeks as we have been traveling a lot!  

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After much prayer, I decided a few months ago that it was time I took a trip south to see my ailing father.  It was not a decision I came to lightly, as I knew I had to bring my children (hubby had allocated all the remaining time off he has coming and could not stay home with them or come with us)  and honestly, was not sure if I wanted to "see" my dad in this weak state.    I was happy when my oldest son asked to come with us to see him one last time. That made my drive down much more pleasant.

   So if I was going to go, I was bringing them ALL with me.  I will admit, I was a little nervous as to how they would react to their Grandpa as his ailments have taken a toll on his body over the last two years.  

Thanks for all those who followed our journey on Instagram - we loved sharing with you all! 

Our 11 hour trip down was pretty uneventful.  The children had their "travel containers" (see post HERE for these lifesavers!). We took a few detours and checked out a few educational things along the way.  Arriving in NC just in time for a homemade spaghetti dinner! 

   He lives in a small, very rural, town called Hertford, NC right on the Albemarle Sound.  In fact right across from the sound.  The pictures above are from across the street from his home.  Very calming with a few crabbing boats here and there.   We had a problem with the truck and we had to get it into the shop.  Almost $ 500 in repairs later (drivers side ball bearings were ceased up)  we were good to go!

There was not a whole lot for the children to do there but they did find a lot of fun with Grandpas golf cart.  Each getting a chance to steer it and drive it around the area.  I was glad that we got some nice pictures of my dad with his grandkids. My dad's girlfriend was such a great hostess during our stay. I was happy we took the trip. 

After visiting with him for a few days we ventured on to Charleston, SC (my birth city) to stay with my aunt and uncle for a week. Day 1, we got our butts to the ocean.  These pictures are from Sullivan's Island.  The beach was not that crowded and the children so enjoyed their time.  We saw dolphins swim by and a lot of pelicans diving for fish  (gave me a headache watching that - ouch!) In our week stay, we were able to get to downtown Charleston for some site seeing, horse drawn wagon history tour of the city, "slave market" shopping (open market where the slaves used to sell their goods) and more!  My aunt and uncle are very good hosts and catered to our every need. 

After staying with them for a week it was time to start our journey home.  Packing up the truck again (with more than we came with - except for my oldest - he flew home mid-vacation for work) and headed on home. I took 2 days to get home so not to push it with the children in the truck for a long period of time.  Our first stop - Virginia Beach! We stayed in the Marriott Springhill Suites and I want to tell you it was excellent! I wanted to make sure I found hotels with breakfast included in the price (less food I had to bring).  Eighth floor balcony ocean front room.  Kids were in their glory to spend two days at the Ocean. Dolphin spotted (actually 3) upper left, view from our hotel early morning (middle pic), a lot of military planes flying over during the day (real low).  We had a great time and the hotel was, by far, one of the nicest I have ever stayed in.

I took these shots from my balcony in Virginia Beach the morning we left to continue our journey.  Sunrise was just breathtaking. 

A few hours of beach time before heading out to our next destination. 

Our next stop, before heading home, was Delaware.  I just love seashore towns.   We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express (again breakfast included - full breakfast) and the kids, again, loved the ocean time and the hotel pool.  From here it was only 5 hours home and the children did great on the trip. 

Check THIS POST out to see what story this picture is telling you!
All in all, it was a nice time with my children. I was glad I took the journey to see my father.  It was also very nice to have some one on one time with my oldest. We stayed up one night until 1 am talking about God and religion. I will pat myself on the back and I "I done good" with him.  He has matured to be a wonderful person with a great work ethic. Looking forward to his wedding next year! 

WOW - now that I have finally unpacked from that journey, we leave next week for a 5 day trip (with the camper) to New Hampshire for a NASCAR Race!  The leaves should be starting to change there and weather much cooler.  Think I am changing the blog name to The Traveling

I hope everyone has had the best Summer! I know I did.  

Coming up....NH Trip, one more Jellystone Camping trip in October with our BFF's, BIG Halloween bash is back and school starting back up Full Time in October!  

Won't you know me over at Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday?  

Until next time - Be Blessed!


Rebecca said…
It sounds really nice. I loved seeing all your beach and pool pics, and I'm glad that you got to go down and visit with your father. (I've been missing "seeing" your blog when I've been reading through collage Fridays :-) )
Jessy said…
Oh, such a GREAT thing to see your Dad at this time (even if it's a little hard too). Having photos of my kids with their great-grandparents before the passes are treasured! (Fortunately all their grandparents are alive and doing well.) Look at all those trips you're taking! NH! You'll be "nearby"! (As of right now the tress are JUST changing...)
Melissa N. said…
Good to hear that maybe in another week the trees might be looking colorful! We will be in Ashland area, Jessy. Near you?
Christy said…
Oh goodness that was such a full trip! It is hard to see our parents age and in failing health, but it is something you won't regret doing.

All the pictures are so lovely and looks like you had a wonderful time visiting all the beaches.

I love historic Charleston. We went there for our honeymoon and it was such a pleasant and relaxing time.

What beautiful pictures, Melissa! A real tonic for me over here in grey rainy England! I'm glad your trip worked out well.
Mary Prather said…
Ok Melissa -- you are speaking my language with the Springhill Suites and the Holiday Inn Express. :-) When we travel we either stay at one of these hotels because of the breakfast being included and they always have nice pools.

I'm so happy you had a good visit with your dad. I know it wasn't easy for you, but it was important, right? And -- so glad your son was there, too. You are a good mom and daughter, Melissa.

Anonymous said…
So glad you were able to make that trip!! What a wonderful time you guys had!
Karen said…
What an amazing trip!!! I loved seeing all your IG photos. Isn't Instagram just the best?? The pictures are all gorgeous. That sunset is just beautiful. I am so glad you and your kids got to spend time with your Dad and your oldest went with you. I just love seeing all the places you go. Can't wait to see pics of the next trip!!
Dawn said…
What an awesome trip. I love all the beach stops. what a great trip.
Blessings, Dawn
Mary said…
I am glad you and your children got to see your Dad. It looks like they had lots of fun traveling!

Great pictures, too!
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry for the circumstances that brought y'all south but glad that you were able to spend time with your dad. Looks like you ended up having a nice trip! We just got back from the beach too:) Your pics are gorgeous, as always!!

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