Collage Friday

Well there goes another week wiped off the calendar.....where DO the days go?

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It's FRIDAY and I wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate you stopping by and visiting.  I love to take pictures of the children and their accomplishments...what we are learning and the occasional bear in the

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Linking up, as usual, with Mary over at Homegrown Learners...won't you join me?!

This week was a "short" home school week.  (In fact, as you are reading this we are a few states away in our travel trailer at a NASCAR Race!)   This week we had a chance to use our new paints that we won from Lara's Place and a Cup of Grace.   They smell awesome. Made from all natural, organic veggie and fruit extracts!  We had a ball painting with these!   

Fall is here and so are our homemade donuts!  The children (and I) go crazy for these yummy treats.  (Yes we fry them....but it's the ONLY thing we fry in our home, so I am ok with it!)

I have given in, insert sigh here, and allowed Zachary to type his writing assignments sometimes. I just can't read his writing and it's a battle to get him to physically write anything (picking my battles here folks)!  Here is he is working on the Back to School LEGO Writing Prompts from Mary at Homegrown Learners!    I also found all these classics in the Dollar Spot at Target! Grabbed those babies (thanks Bubby for the books!).  He will be starting Frankenstein in October!

In addition to the above...we had soccer practices, gym classes and prepped the travel trailer for our big 5 day adventure!  

Please pray for our safety and great weather! 

I hope you all had a great week and look forward to reading all about it!

Be Blessed!


I hope you are having a wonderful time, my friend. I think it's really good that Z is typing -- no big sigh needed! :-)
Jessy said…
Wow! Those donuts look super easy and yummy! We've never had good results from making donuts! Cati started typing her assignments last year. For some reason, she can read just fine and her handwriting is OK, but she simply can't SPELL, and typing seems to help her ability to spell better. :shrug: Anyway, I hope you've had a WONDERFUL trip!
Dawn said…
I see nothing wrong with typing. It is becoming more and more important. The donuts look like fun.
Blessings, Dawn
I hope you're having a fantastic trip, Melissa!
I'm with Dawn - they're going to have more use for typing in the world they're growing up into than handwriting!
Have a wonderful week! Lucinda
Christy said…
I hope you are enjoying your trip!

So, do you shallow fry or deep fry your doughnuts? I fry NOTHING here, but since Amber and I can't have gluten anymore we very much miss the occasional doughnut. Cake doughnuts in the babycakes machine are fine, but I'm considering trying to fry some. I've never done it before.

At any rate your doughnuts look yummy!

Ticia said…
I should try home made donuts again sometime......
Rebecca said…
Hope you're having a great time! Homemade doughnuts must be in the air. We tried the Pioneer Woman yeast doughnut recipe last week :-)
Mary said…
I hope you are having a blast at Nascar. I haven't been to one in years and that was in Sonoma, CA.

I am going to have to try the donuts recipe. Thanks!

I think allowing boys to type is great. I did that years ago with my middle son who hated the physical act of writing - in boys especially that can actually be physically painful. Typing lowered the stress. I pick my battles! LOL

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